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What We Offer

Building boats from kits
Building boats from plans
Completing partially built boats
Building Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs)
Finish work on completed boats
Restoring finish on old boats
Repair of wooden boats

We also offer custom options for any of the above services.


2/12/17 - We are happy to announce a new partnership with Angus Rowboats.  They offer several unique and beautiful designs contact me for a quote to have one of these built for you. Check out their website at www.angusrowboats.com.

2/11/17 - I am almost done with my latest project. Contact me now to have a boat ready for the upcoming season!

12/4/16 - I am finished with the Georgian Bay. Check out the photos of the finished boat here.


I charge the price of the kit/plans + wood, finishing supplies, and $30/ hour for labor plus sales tax. Depending on the cost of the kit and size of the project the final cost can be between $2900 - $5000. Contact me for an estimate of what your desired boat will cost. If you provide the kit, we will only charge for supplies and labor. 

I take cash, checks, PayPal, and Visa/Mastercard.

I am also willing to negotiate a set price per project. You tell me what you want and I will quote you a final price. 

I will deliver the finished boat anywhere in the Puget Sound area for no extra cost. Boats can be shipped anywhere in the US/Canada for an additional fee. A typical 18 foot kayak will cost around $1000 to ship, this includes the cost of a protective crate.

Why buy a wooden boat?

Stitch and glue and cedar strip small boats and paddle boards are just as strong as production fiberglass boats. They are much lighter than plastic boats and are equivalent in weight to high end fiberglass boats. The advantages of wooden boats include, the beauty of the wood designs, easy repair, and a large variety of designs. 
About Us

I started Kea Kayaks in 2006, a few months after I finished building my first boat, the Chesapeake triple featured on this site. I enjoyed working on it so much that I thought I would offer my services as a builder. I am based in Edmonds, WA, in the heart of some of the best kayaking and boating in the world. 

Casey Wilkinson

Below are links of companies who sell kayak and small boat kits that I can be hired to build.  Please contact me if you know of other companies that offer similar products.

Angus Rowboats
Chesapeake Light Craft
Guillemot Kayaks
Newfound Woodworks Inc.
One Ocean Kayaks
PT Watercraft
Orca Boats
Pygmy Boats
Redfish Kayaks

Contact Info

Casey Wilkinson
Email: casey@keakayaks.com
Phone: 360-643-0552 (9 AM to 9 PM Pacific)