Kayak Build Options

Contact us for pricing on the below options. Other customizations are available upon request.

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Soft Padeyes

These padeyes don't catch on clothing and PFDs like hard plastic ones.
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Recessed Deck Fittings

These fittings eliminate the need for padeyes. They give the deck a very sleek look and will not catch on clothing or PFDs. They can be installed on both stitch and glue and cedar strip boats.
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Custom Nameplate

We will install a custom nameplate in your boat for no extra charge. These nameplates can include any information or graphics that you choose. They are very useful in theft prevention and recovery since they are fiberglassed into your boat. Also, many areas require a Hull ID number (HIN) to be mounted somewhere in the boat and the nameplate is the place to do that. Nameplates are usually mounted on a bulkhead, but can be mounted anywhere on the boat.
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Strapless Hatches

Strapless hatches add to the beauty of the wood finish of your boat. Hatches are held closed from inside.

Click here for a video of how the system works.
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Upgraded Seat

We can install an upgraded seat that would be more comfortable than the stock seats many of the wooden boat companies include with their kits.  The most comfortable seat available is made by Redfish Kayaks.

They can be seen at:  https://www.redfishkayak.com/seats
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Non-thruhull Footbrace Studs

Instead of drilling through the hull to bolt on footbraces, we can install footbrace studs which are fiberglassed in. This way there are no holes in the boat and no bolt heads on the outside of the hull. 
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Perimeter Line

These are very important safety gear and are necessary for many types of rescues. You can choose reflective or non-reflective.
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Extra Bulkheads

We can put extra bulkheads into your kayak.  The photo shows a custom set of bulkheads that form a small compartment in between the cockpits of a double.  
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Hybrid Deck

A hybrid deck is using the strip building method to build a deck instead of using plywood.  This is a great way to have the cedar strip built look without the expense of having an entire boat made from strips.  The hybrid deck option can be used on any type of boat, from kayaks to paddle boards, to power boats, such as the one pictured here.  
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Custom Strip Pattern

We will create a custom strip pattern for your cedar strip boat.  
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Sail Rig Conversion

We can turn any kayak or canoe into a fast, fun, trimaran sailboat by adding a sailrig. 

Click here for more photos.
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Extra Lightweight Build.

We can build many boats with a lightweight wood called paulownia. Stitch and glue boats built with paulownia plywood are up to 12 pounds lighter than okume plywood. Strip built boats have potentially the same or more weight savings. 

The SUP in the photo is made of paulownia strips.